Battlefield 2042 comes to DFekt Gaming.

DFekt Gaming will take part in joining another game this upcoming week. Battlefield 2042. If you are looking for a place to join to have fun or to be in a competitive atmosphere, join our Discord and the fun.

Discord Link:

Happy Huntings!!!

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Rocket League is officially part of DFekt.

Right now invitations are invite only. More news to follow soon.

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DFekt 2-0 wins against TheShoots

It was definitely a shoot out tonight at the Springstreet Coral as DFekt took the victory over TheShoots in a 8-3 battle. What started out with a pistol battle to decide who starts where, it was Decore with a 2-0 knockout to start the game out on defense. L.D.50 was very unsure of where he needed to be the entire game so he just ran around like Ozzy Osbourne onstage clapping his hands, jumping up and down and yelling “SHARON!!!”

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DFekt AAL Season Starts 1-0

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DFekt Gaming to fight in AAL

After the controversy surrounding a former competition league/ladder, a new competition has formed for America’s Army on the PC side….AAL

DFekt will be taking on some of the very best in the community starting this month in a 2v2 ladder. Matches will be streamed live on Twitch. For more information about AAL, please visit

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