DFekt Victorious In First Scrim.

After weeks of trying to plan it, DFekt and BCFF [Barrel Chested Freedom Fighters] finally went at it head-on earlier today. It was a hard fought battle with DFekt easily taking BCFF on the map Breach (8-3). InnerHospital was a little bit tougher as BCFF gained the upperhand in a 8-4 win which put the teams at a tie. As a tiebreaker….HAIL HYDRA!!!!

DFekt came out on top with 8-5 securing the win for the team. While this is the first battle for both teams, this isn’t the end. Good job to everyone who participated.

*Sidenote: The match config is setup correctly now so all I have to do is drop it in, restart and server is good to go :). -L.D.50

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