Code of Conduct

To help [DFekt]. maintain some order and functionality as well as a guide for all members to represent us well to the rest of the community, these guidelines should be kept in mind:

CLEAN BACKGROUND: We do expect ALL players to have a clean background. Any player found to have a history of banned account or accounts, we do reserve the right to remove you. We run a fair server and expect good clean fun. Any player found to have any of the following bans will result in removal from our server(s):

Anticheat Inc (ACI)
STEAM, VAC or Game

AGE LIMIT: 18+ unless approved by team.

Discord & Mic Use Discord is free and available for download HERE. We use it to communicate in game and just to hang out with other players. The only thing that is frowned upon in Discord and will result in immediate ban will be racial slurs or anything derogatory towards members/users.

Use of Cheats/Macros/3rd Party Programs/Software: Macros allow players to press a button that results in their character performing a set of actions that would normally require the Player to press multiple buttons. This will result in instant removal from team.
In Game: Assigning “U” button to fire in game= ALLOWED
(Software Name): Assigning “U” button to fire weapon, hold breath, and (Aim Down Sign) ADS = NOT ALLOWED

Disclosure of Private Information: What goes on inside of our team is private. Anything inside of “Members Only” channel in Discord is offlimits to discuss. Keep that stuff on Discord.

LEGAL ACTIVITIES  Any illegal actions/activities (for any international jurisdiction) utilizing [DFekt]. resources will be grounds for immediate ban. In addition, if requested, we will coordinate with any law enforcement agencies.