Code of Conduct

While DFekt was created originally for the purpose of competition, time has gone by and we’ve expanded to a public team. DFekt will always remain to be a team that thrives on teamwork whether in a serious format or laidback. With the [DFekt] tag you’re representing a team that’s been well established for years and provided a safe community/gaming experience for anyone. Here are a few guidelines to follow once you put the [DFekt] tag on.
Rules will be posted below these steps. READ ALL BEFORE AGREEING TO JOIN!

1) Cheating – No ifs, ands, or buts about it. CHEATING IS NOT ALLOWED AND WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED!! Cheating is defined as (but not limited to):

  • 3rd Party Programs and/or INI edits that:
    See through walls, reduced recoil
    No recoil
    No gun sway,
    Unlimited ammo
    Macros (Multi-keys assigned for one action, change rate of fire, etc etc)

2) Representation – NO DOUBLE TEAMING!!! Conduct yourself in a manner that presents [DFekt] in a positive light. If a situation occurs where you see yourself getting mad please step back and get out of the situation.

3) Honor – Honor is one of the biggest things within [DFekt]. While AA is a small community, try to help out the new guy in the game. Remember, we were all new at one time or another. Not only does this help this player become better or understand more, it helps [DFekt].

4) Accusations – With technology being as good as it is, we have multiple sources for our server to where we can compare information from other servers to determine if someone is a cheater or is cheating. Punkbuster Screenshots (PBSS) are viewable to the public through not only our website but through ACI’s PBSS Viewer on their website ( Please use it before making an assumption and putting [DFekt]. in a bad light.

5) Discord & Mic Use – While Discord is not mandatory to use while gaming, please try to be on it. This makes it easier for members to know you’re playing and easier to communicate instead of typing.
6) Disclosure of Private Information – What goes on inside of our team is private. Anything inside of “Members Only” channel in Discord is offlimits to discuss. Keep that stuff on Discord.

7) LEGAL ACTIVITIES – Any illegal actions/activities (for any international jurisdiction) utilizing [DFekt]. resources will be grounds for immediate ban. In addition, if requested, we will coordinate with any law enforcement agencies.

8. Teamkilling – Teamkilling is an action of inflicting intentional damage to your teammates. This WILL result in removal from team.