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[DFekt] withdraws from AACL. Currently redoing structure.

The website has been neglected for quite some time (My own doing and stupidity). As the title says, we did withdraw from AACL and finished 3rd. Right now, DFekt is focused on the upcoming AA5 release and COD:MW. If you are still looking for a team, we’re looking for you!


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DFekt goes to last chance to advance to finals.

Another hard fought battle on a Saturday night. DFekt faced GunR in the semi-finals. 2 hours and 30 minutes later, DFekt will go into the last chance round against Violent Resolution on a chance to advance to the finals. Final score is 2-0-1.

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Team DFekt takes it 2-1 against -vR.

Team DFekt takes the win against Violent Resolution 2-1. Next match will be 9-21-19 against whomever wins the following matches tonight:

Oc vs GunR
Misfits vs AR|51

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DFekt wins first AACL Match of the season!!!

AACL Intercept vs USA
While it was rockyroads that took DFekt from Crossfire_C4 to Intercept_c4, DFekt stood strong taking the win 2-0 against USA Clan ( The road isn’t over just yet as next week will be against vR.

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DFekt Victorious In First Scrim.

After weeks of trying to plan it, DFekt and BCFF [Barrel Chested Freedom Fighters] finally went at it head-on earlier today. It was a hard fought battle with DFekt easily taking BCFF on the map Breach (8-3). InnerHospital was a little bit tougher as BCFF gained the upperhand in a 8-4 win which put the teams at a tie. As a tiebreaker….HAIL HYDRA!!!!

DFekt came out on top with 8-5 securing the win for the team. While this is the first battle for both teams, this isn’t the end. Good job to everyone who participated.

*Sidenote: The match config is setup correctly now so all I have to do is drop it in, restart and server is good to go :). -L.D.50

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